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Mobile and
bill payments


Wibmo offers a comprehensive payment solution on the mobile device. From shopping, to sending money, to paying bills, all are easily accessible. Use your android phone and download the app. Enjoy one-step payments at our partner merchants. Recharging your mobile and bill payment capability further brings all payments under one wallet service.

Since Wibmo services ride on the Visa and MasterCard payment network, it can be used at any merchant site. This interoperability allows you to use your funds anywhere – online shopping, sending money, or bill payments.

For our participating merchants, your shoppers can enjoy India’s first one-step payment capability using state-of-art authentication. Our partner merchants experience fastest checkouts and fewer abandoned shopping carts.

Why Choose us?

  • Comprehensive mobile payments
  • Accepted at every online merchant
  • Enjoy one-step payments with participating merchants
  • Send money to friends and family
  • State-of-art authentication using 2FA
  • Recharge and bill payment capability

Key Features

Mobile payments

Shop, send money, pay bills all using WIbmo’s first of its kind solution. We are continuously adding partners to make Wibmo a ubiquitous payment solution.

One-step payment

Using state-of-art 2FA authentication, Wibmo offers one-step payment, the fastest checkout experience at participating merchants.

Mobile Money Account

Wibmo’s pre-funded Visa Mobile Money Account enables anyone and everyone to enjoy the benefits of digital payments. All you have to do is load some funds to get started.

Merchant integration

Don’t let complicated payment steps be the reason for customers changing their minds. Accept Wibmo payments to start offering one-step payments.

Payment gateway services

Sign up for our PG services, our unique one-step payments give your customers an extra reason to shop at your site rather than the competitors.

Recharge and bill payment

Wibmo offers mobile recharge and bill payments will major service providers. We continue to add to our list of service providers.