What is a Wibmo Mobile Money Account?

The Wibmo Mobile Money Account is a payment account accessible from your Android smartphone and enables you to make payments directly from your phone. This service enables convenient and simple payments at e-Commerce, m-Commerce, and all participating merchants. You can also send money to other Wibmo users. By signing-up to this service, you can pay securely from Mobile Money Account (MMA) using your phone. Soon you will also be able to pay in-store merchants, pay for printed and digital media offers, at restaurants and more, all conveniently from your phone.

Where can I use the Mobile Money Account?

The WibmoMobile Money Account can be used at multiple places in India. You can use the funds in your Mobile Account by using the Wibmo card at any online or mobile phone merchant. This is a VISA card that is accepted at thousands of merchants in India.The Wibmo Mobile Money Account can also be used to send money to email and mobile phone numbers of other Wibmo account holders.

Can I have more than one Mobile Money Account?

No. Your mobile account is linked to your phone number. Hence you can have only one account.

Which phones does Wibmo support?

Currently Wibmo is available only for Android Phones. Android 3.0 or higher versions are supported. If you are on an older version please make sure you upgrade before you install Wibmo.

Can I access Wibmo Money Account from my computer?
Do I need Mobile Internet for downloading and using the application?

You need a basic mobile internet/ GPRS to download the Wibmo application. All telecom service providers provide Internet packages. You will need to have an active mobile Internet service to be able to use the Wibmo application and its features.

How much does it cost to use Wibmo?

The Wibmo app can be downloaded for free. The Mobile Account uses mobile Internet data and messaging that may incur charges based on your telecom service provider’s data and messaging plan. Other than this cost, at the present time there are no other costs to you.

Can I use the Wibmo account when I am traveling abroad?

The Wibmo Mobile Money Account has been currently enabled for use only in India. You can certainly use Wibmo with these merchants from anywhere in the world.

Are my details shared with other third parties for marketing?

No. We do not share your information with anyone.

Which card networks does Wibmo currently support?

Wibmo currently supports cards issued on the Visa and MasterCard networks.

Does money in my Wibmo Mobile Money account accrue interest?

No. Wibmo Mobile Money Money Account is classified as a prepaid account and hence does not accrue interest on the funds stored in the account.

Are there any limits on how much money I can use with Wibmo?

Yes. Wibmo is similar to a bank account (like a Savings Bank Account or a Current Account, this is a Mobile Account). It comes with limits on its usage. For a KYC account, your account limits are set to Rs 50,000. This means that you can load up to Rs 50,000 and pay for purchases up to Rs 50,000. Transactional limits

Maximum no of transactions per day25 inflow#& 25 outflow##
Maximum value transacted per dayRs. 50,000 inflow &Rs. 10,000 outflow
Maximum value for a single transactionRs. 50,000 inflow &Rs. 10,000 outflow
Maximum sum amount that can be loaded per calendar monthRs. 50,000
Maximum no of times money can be loaded per calendar month50

# inflow: Inflow means any type of transaction where money can come into the Wibmo account Eg: Account load, credits to accounts via P2P transfers

## outflow: Outflow means any type of transaction where money can go out of the Wibmo account Eg: Card usage at any merchant, P2P transfer to another Wibmo account

How do I verify my identity for my Wibmo Account?

Your Mobile Number and PIN are your identity. You need to enter your PIN every time you log in to the Mobile Money application.

Can anyone use Wibmo?

Anyone who has a mobile phone can use Wibmo non-KYC account. RBI regulations for non-KYC prepaid cards apply to this type of account. Alternatively you can get a Wibmo KYC account.

Do I have to submit any identification documents?

To be able to successfully register and use Wibmo’s KYC account services, you will have to submit the below mentioned KYC documents.  Alternatively you can register for a non-KYC account.

Proofs of Identity (POI)Proofs of Address (POA)
PassportDriving License
Voter’s ID CardVoter’s ID Card
Driving LicenseBank Account Statement
PAN CardElectricity Bill
Aadhaar Card / Letter issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) containing details of name, address and Aadhaar numberAadhaar Card / Letter issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) containing details of name, address and Aadhaar number
Photo ID card (Issued by employer)Ration Card
Telephone Bill
Postpaid Mobile Bill (Less than 3 months old. Original to be submitted)
Letter/document not more than 6 months old, issued by authority of Central or State government
Documents are subject to verification by our partner bank. You will be registered to WibmoKYC account services only on successful verification of your KYC documents.

Information and customer support

Where can I receive more information about the Wibmo account?

Information about Wibmo services can be obtained by sending email to support@wibmo.com. We will be happy to provide details and answer your questions about Wibmo account and the various services available to you when you sign-up for a Mobile Money Account. You can also contact the customer information centre at 080 43428230 or write to support@wibmo.com for any information regarding the Wibmo services.

Is there a help desk or customer support number that I can call for more details?

Yes, please call our support center at 080 43428230 for any inquiries, requests, address grievances etc. regarding Wibmo. For more details and updates on Wibmo, you can also visit www.wibmo.com/Wibmo.

Wibmo functions

How do I sign up for an account?

Wibmo is a regulated financial instrument offered by our Partner Bank. To sign up to Wibmo services, you are requested to visit Google Play Store.The Mobile Money App is available to download from the Google Play Store.Wibmo can also be accessed on your smart phone’s mobile browser. iPhone, Windows and other phone users can access Wibmo through their mobile browsers using the URL: www.wibmo.com/WibmoDownload the Mobile Money app from Google Play Store for your phone and proceed with the registration process.

Can I send and receive money?

Wibmo enables you to load, send money to an email address, a phone number, or to another registered Wibmo account immediately.

I’m unable to see my complete card number and details.

This is intentional. To provide greater security and to protect your personal card information, we have masked some of the digits.

What if I want to transfer my Mobile Money Account to a different phone other that the one I used during registration?

You will be able to download the Mobile Account application to the new phone and login with the same credentials. When you use it for the first time you will receive a DVC (Device Verification Code) over SMS to your registered mobile number and / or e-mail. On entering this code in the mobile app screen, new device verification is completed and you will be able to login to the new device.

How can I add funds into the Mobile Account and when will the funds be available in the Mobile Account?

You can add funds into the Mobile Money Account using the Add Money function and use any Indian bank issued Credit, Debit or Prepaid card as the source of funds. You will receive an alert as soon as funds are available in your Mobile Account. Typically this is available 24 hours.

What does “topping up” my Wibmo account mean and how do I do it?

“Topping up” is the process of adding funds into your Wibmo Account. You can top-up your Wibmo Account using any Debit Cards, Credit Cards, or Prepaid Cards.

Can an Add Money transaction to my Wibmo Account get declined?

This may happen if your credit, debit, or prepaid card issuer does not authenticate or authorize the transaction. Please check with your card issuing bank for further details.

For adding money, can I have more than one card linked to Wibmo?

Yes, you can link multiple cards to Wibmo. These cards can be used for adding money into the Wibmo account.

How do I send money to people? Do they need Wibmo too?

With Wibmo,transferring money to your family & friends will be a breeze. You can simply send money to a person’s e-mail ID or mobile number. However, in order to claim the received amount, the recipient should sign-up for Wibmo services. On registration, funds will directly be moved to the recipient’s Mobile Money Account and the recipient will be able to use all Wibmo services from the phone.

Can I transfer money from my Wibmo Account to any other Wallet?

Currently, you cannot transfer money from your Wibmo Account to any other financial institutions Wallet or Account. Money can be transferred only to recipients who are registered with Wibmo.

How do I know if someone has transferred money to me?

You will receive alerts to your registered email ID and mobile number on receipt of money from a registered Wibmo user. An update such as “Payment received from XXXX XXXX” in your transaction history will inform you of receipt of funds.

How do I know if I’ve successfully transferred money to another Wibmo account?

An update such as “Paid to XXXX XXXX” in your transaction history will notify you of a successful transfer of funds to another registered Wibmo user. An update to your Wibmo Account balance will also validate a successful transfer of funds.

Can I cancel a send money transaction?

No. Send money is a transaction that will immediately take effect as long as your Wibmo account has sufficient balance and the recipient is a registered Wibmo user. Once initiated, you will not be able to cancel this transaction.

Can I send or claim money if my Wibmo Account is suspended?

No, you will not be able to transfer or claim any funds if your Wibmo Account is suspended.

Can I transfer money to a mobile number outside of India?

You cannot transfer funds internationally using the Wibmo Account.

How do I withdraw money from my Wibmo Mobile Money money account?

At present, the money in the WBMO Wibmo account can be used only to pay merchants or to transfer to other registered users.

I forgot my Wibmo App PIN. What should I do?

You will be able to reset your PIN. Simply click “Forgot PIN” on the home screen of your App and follow the instructions. You will be asked to generate an OTP (One Time Password) by providing your mobile number or email ID to reset your password (PIN).

My available funds are insufficient to complete my purchase. Can I still use my Wibmo account to complete this purchase?

No. Before you can complete the purchase, you must ensure sufficient funds available in your Wibmo account. You will need to add money to your account.

How do I view a history of my transactions?

A history of your past transactions is displayed on the Home screen of your Wibmo App. You can also view a history of your past transactions by navigating to the “Transactions” menu of your Wibmo App.

What should I do if there is a discrepancy in my Wibmo Account balance?

Please call up our customer care number @ 080 43428230 or write to support@wibmo.com.

Will I get a paper statement each month?

No. You will not receive paper statements for your Wibmo account.

Can I view my transactions if my card is locked?

Yes, you can view your transactions on your Wibmo App even if your Wibmo Card is locked.

How do I change my personal information such as phone number, address and PIN?

You can change (or update) your profile information by navigating to “Manage Profile” feature of your Wibmo App. This feature is available under the “Settings” menu.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

Your Wibmo wallet could potentially become your primary transacting account for all e-Commerce and m-Commerce payments. Anybody who gains access to your mobile device with a logged in Wibmo session will be able to make payments using your Wibmo wallet. Hence it is essential that you safeguard your handset and wallet like you would your personal wallet.In case you lose your mobile device, please call our Customer Care number at 080 43428230 immediately and block your Wibmo wallet in order to avoid unauthorized access to your account. This is absolutely essential to ensure that your Wibmo account remains untouched even if you lose your mobile device.Alternately, you can access the Wibmo web services at www.wibmo.com/Wibmo and change your Wibmo PIN. All Wibmo services can be availed from our website even in the absence of a mobile handset.

How do I reactivate a suspended card?

You can unlock the Wibmo Card by logging on to your Wibmo App. The unblock option is available on the back side of the card.In case you are finding it difficult in unlocking your card, then you can call up our Customer Care number @ 080 4342823­0 or write to support@wibmo.com.

How do I close my account?

You can close your Wibmo account by calling Customer Service.

Security Features

How can I protect my Wibmo app?

The Wibmo app is equipped with security features that allow you to protect your app from misuse. To ensure that you make use of the security features of the app, please ensure that you select a PIN that is strong enough and known only to you. Please ensure that you do not note down the PIN anywhere on your mobile phone. It is also a good practice to remember to change your PIN periodically.After a successful login, the Wibmo app allows you to remain logged in for a specified duration of time. This means, anybody who has access to your phone will be able to access the Wibmo app and transact from there. Hence, after you have completed your Wibmo session, do remember to logout from the Wibmo application so that unauthorized access to the app can be minimized.

How secure is my personal and card information?

Your personal information including your card information is stored securely in our servers. Nothing is stored on the mobile phone. We encrypt personal information using industry-leading encryption technology, which is military grade. Our setup has been certified by PCI, Visa and MasterCard and is in-use by many large banks in India.

How do I secure my Wibmo account?

Your Wibmo account comes with a number of built-in security features to protect your account. Some of them are visible to you and some are not. One of the important things you can do is to protect access to your account by securely login and log out from your account. You need to remember this PIN and use it every time you wish to access your Wibmo account. This is similar to the Debit card PIN you use at an ATM and should not be shared with others.